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Coronavirus information from the clinic...
To put our patients minds at rest, we are using all available preventative measures to avoid Coronavirus here.
Hand sanitizer for all patients on their way in.


Rigorous hand sanitisation with hibiscrub wash and alcohol hand disinfection by Practitioners, and we are happy to wear a mask by request, when patients arrive.
So if you are self isolating as a precaution, still keep appointments as you will only come into contact with us.


The couch face hole etc. is also being bacterially wiped between patients.


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Having found Les by chance after a google search, being in pain and somewhat wary of what was in store, Les put me at ease combining his professionalism with a genuine warmth and friendliness. More importantly he knows his stuff and his knowledge and experience is vast which has given me not only relief from my lower back pain but also with the plantar fasciitis. Orthotics are really making a difference to my world. Les, thank you for your commitment to quality and affordable treatment Sharon.


- Sharon Talbot


Welcome to The Back & Joint Pain Centre

Dr Les Bailey


Dr Les Bailey and colleagues welcome you to...
The back and joint pain centre (Caterham)

The affordable clinic

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Physical therapy, orthotic specialists, massage therapy, NLP/hypnotherapy.

Back pain, neck pain, joint pain, foot pain, muscle pain, sports injuries, biomechanical issues, headaches, hip pain, injuries.


The main treatment room at the back and joint pain centre, where we offer expert and highly experienced manipulation, soft tissue treatment, shockwave, shortwave, interferential, ultrasound, medical laser, acupuncture, electro acupuncture, activator, etc etc.

We are fully equipped with a range of highly effective electro therapy to suit many conditions.

We have gone to great expense to equip the clinic to give a great range of treatment modalities to get you back to full function quickly.




175 Coulsdon Rd, Caterham, CR3 5NU


No expensive first consultation fees, and no extra costs 365 days a year.



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