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PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy / Magnetotherapy



To understand what conditions this amazing machine treats, requires a basic understanding of what it actually does for the body. Healing of any illness, injury or pain begins at the core of our structures, the cell.

Cellular communications use electrical charge to “fire” into action, and during illness or injury, this energy becomes imbalanced.

PEMF stimulates this rebalance , whilst not disturbing the healthy functioning cells.

PEMF stimulates the release of ATP and nitric oxide from the cells, stimulating healing rapidly and increasing healthy blood flow.

PEMF stimulates the natural breakdown of glucose, providing energy.

PEMF stimulates natural collagen and hyaluronic acid production, so PEMF is even used in the anti ageing field.

All the above mean it has amazing results on wound and ulcer treatment, even postoperative wounds (we tend to use PEMF in conjunction with class iv laser therapy for the above).

PEMF helps the body to detoxify via maximising the function of the liver, kidneys, lymph and skin.

PEMF dramatically reduces inflammation, and is used with great results, on fractures, ligament and tendon injury.


PEMF is used for heart issues, and the heart is particularly respondent to PEMF stimulation.

Nerve function has been treated with PEMF since the 1970s. I personally believe that a major function of PEMF stimulation of the cells, is that it pushes the cell to uptake more nutrition, particularly protein, so vastly aiding regeneration of healthy tissue. This is like a natural method of using anabolic steroids to aid in healing after bad accidents or bad burns, something used by accident departments in hospitals.

This has been very far from an exhaustive description of the actions of PEMF, of which many describe as miraculous. This piece has been tough to write, as the research, and effects of PEMF are truly mind blowing, thus what to include or exclude!

Those of you curious to know more are directed to the book “Power tools for health” by William Pawluk and Caitlin J Layne. (I got mine from Amazon).

Many say that PEMF has a role to play in every human disease, injury, illness or malady, and the more I have studied, the more I am in agreement.

The most common conditions we get to treat are osteoarthritis, wounds and post operative pain, MS, restless legs, fibromyalgia, long covid, diverticulitis, colitis, fractures, skin conditions, heart conditions, COPD, ulcers, and general pain ( this list is not exhaustive ).

However, I always say to those looking at PEMF, even for the most obscure illnesses (This requires thinking outside the box!), to go to our old friend google, and type in “ your illness” and then “PEMF electromagnetic therapy research articles”.  

Avoid marketing spiel from companies trying to sell you inferior home-use magnetotherapy machines, and concentrate on actual research, of which you’ll be sure to find useful articles. You can then make an informed decision to go ahead and begin your visits to us.


Full Body Recharge Treatments

Many people opt to have a full body PEMF treatment to recharge the body. Many researchers liken this to recharging a mobile phone!

It gives you a natural boost in energy levels, and knowing how it works on the body, it’s not hard to see why it does this so well. 


It’s ideal for those under stress, in pain, or needing the extra edge in sports or physical work.

It is also great for recovery from illness or surgery. The reasons are many fold.

We offer a 45 minute full body PEMF treatment for £45, and this is usually carried out by our therapies assistant, Zoe.

We do ask that you attend a simple consultation with Dr Bailey, to assess suitability, and this is just £35. 

Please ring the clinic to book this. Most other treatment with PEMF is used by Dr Bailey as part of his treatments where indicated.


Our therapies assistant Zoe


PEMF Explained

We particularly like this guys expert explanation of how PEMF works. It is from PEMF training.com - have a watch! https://youtu.be/sNpGFtrZl6w




Foot ulcer 2 years old, after 5 PEMF and class IV Laser Treatments. Part way through treatment, but huge improvement.


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PEMF is incredibly safe, and CAN even be used over areas with surgical metalwork.
However, we CANNOT use PEMF if you have a pacemaker, or other electrical implants, as it may interfere with the electrical function.

We do not offer PEMF during pregnancy, as although no issues have ever been found, one errs on the safe side during this important time.




Why we choose PEMF

My patients often ask why I chose PEMF electromagnetic therapy for the back and joint pain centre?

I am an avid grower and user of wheatgrass, and was looking up the effect of magnetised water on plants. 

It has been extensively researched, that, magnetised water affects the protein uptake in the cells of the seed, and further, makes the plant more sensitive to the blue spectrum of light. I put powerful magnets along the hose, and put a small neodymium magnet into each seed tray.

The plants grew like crazy, and were stronger and greener. I was amazed.

I instantly wondered if electromagnetic waves had the same effect on animal cells?

The scientific research certainly said it did, and much more besides! I remembered the company I got my class iv laser from, Celtic Smr, distributed an impressive looking PEMF machine.

I had it on loan, with some scepticism, and was completely blown away by how versatile and effective it is!

My patients love it’s efficacy, and speed of healing. Add to the fact that it plays a part in aiding healing in nearly every disease and pain of man, it suited our clinic well! 

Thanks to my curiosity, the back and joint pain centre has gained an amazing machine!


Wheatgrass growth stimulated with magnetic water and magnets 



Restless Legs Syndrome PEMF Electromagnetic Therapy






MUST WATCH. A fascinating short history of PEMF 



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