We believe treatment should be affordable for all, so we keep our fees low, and our patient numbers high!

We get great satisfaction from our work, and Dr Les Bailey, a veteran practitioner of over 40 years, still gets a thrill from seeing a patient walk out happier than when they walked in. 

Reading the hundreds and hundreds of reviews to his work, which says more than we can say ourselves, so click the orange reviews link to read them yourself. 


Firstly, we do not charge an inflated first consultation fee. 

Secondly, we do not make you pay for numbers of treatments up front. We don’t have expensive receptionists, or take card payments (Therefore not having to pass these costs on to our patients)

We charge a flat fee of £35

Unlike other clinics, we do not charge extra for using any of our top of the range machines, e.g. shockwave, MLS laser, or PEMF etc. The fee you see is the fee you pay.


Please pay by bank transfer or cash.


P.s we only charge an extra fee of £45 per session, for full body PEMF treatments, as these take much longer than a normal treatment (see PEMF electromagnetic therapy page HERE) but this is far lower than other clinics .

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