Dr Les Bailey is a member of the American society for laser medicine and surgery


Class IV Laser Therapy


Laser therapy was first foreseen by Albert Einstein as early as 1916. It was not until Theodore Maiman perfected the laser diode in 1960, that work on the various uses for laser could be begun. Laser therapy was first used in Russia in the early 1970,s by biomechanic therapists, and its development has blossomed since then. The correct name for laser therapy is photobiomodulation.

Dr Les Bailey first used standard class 3 machines from the late 1990's, and recently made the larger investment into MLS class iv laser therapy. Many practitioners shy away from class iv lasers, feeling they run the risk of burning the skin. However, a company called MLS, perfected a technique of pulsing the light, resulting in all the amazing healing benefits of class iv laser, but without the risk of burning the skin, making laser therapy at a high level, both very safe and yet retaining its remarkable power.

MLS class iv laser therapy can be used safely for a vast array of problems, and these include:

Back painNeck painMuscle issuesJoint painAccelerated healing post operationWound healingHealing broken boneArthritisFibromyalgia TinnitusPlantar fasciitisLigament injuriesPain management Endometriosis (https://www.asalaser.com/fr/research-training/asa-research-library/effect-pulsed-high-intensity-laser-therapy-pain-adhesions-and-quality-life-women-having-endometriosis


And a host of other conditions. Please call and ask if you are unsure.




3 Diode Laser Head Used On Upper Back




Hand Held Diode Head Used On Smaller Joints




Some of very many uses for MLS class iv laser



The difference in effective depth and spread in a class iv laser compared to the more commonly used class 3 (cold) laser




MLS class iv laser shown with just the hand held probe




MLS Laser Therapy / Treatment on Neck



We have a policy of fair pricing here at the back and joint pain centre Caterham. Unlike other clinics, we do not charge extra to use shockwave, laser etc, and include these in the normal treatment fee!

We never want to make our treatment out of financial reach, and realise that great results get us our many hundreds of amazing reviews, and therefore many more patients.



All laser treatments are carried out with special protective glasses (supplied)



“Having worked with various electrotherapy in my practices for over 40 years, I was curious what an MLS class iv laser would achieve over my class 3 laser. I was offered one on trial and can honestly say, I’m amazed every day by some of the cases I treat with it. It’s outstanding”


Dr Les Bailey - Back and Joint Pain Centre Caterham





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